Jacksonville Doesn’t Want Trump’s Republican Convention

A new poll of Jacksonville residents found that 60% opposed Trump’s decision to bring the Republican Convention to their city.

The poll was commissioned by Republican Voters Against Trump and conducted by RABA Research.

Republican Voters Against Trump provided the results to PoliticusUSA:

A new poll shows that Jacksonville residents oppose President Donald Trump’s decision to move the Republican Convention to their city by a 10-point margin and that over 60% are concerned the event could create a new COVID-19 outbreak in their area.

This poll of 600 residents of Duval County, where President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, also found President Trump trailing Joe Biden in a head-to-head match-up 51% to 43%. The poll was commissioned by Republican Voters Against Trump and conducted by the bipartisan firm RABA Research

Just 39% of residents support Trump bringing the convention to their city. 61% are concerned that Trump’s convention will cause a new coronavirus outbreak. (This number includes a majority of Republicans).

North Carolina chased Trump out of the state after he refused to follow CDC guidelines and cut down the size of his convention. Florida, with its skyrocketing coronavirus infection rate, welcomed Trump, but it turns out the residents of the city don’t want his convention there either.

A full-size convention is a bad idea that no one wants, but Donald Trump won’t listen.

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