Trump’s Support Among Independent Voters Is Collapsing In 44 Out Of 50 States


Donald Trump likes to tout non-existent polls that show his approval rating near 100 percent among Republicans, but it’s how other voters view him that should most concern his struggling reelection campaign.

According to Civiqs, Independent voters have abandoned the president in 44 out of 50 states.

The data shows that Trump is underwater with this key voting bloc in all states except Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Dakota, Tennessee and West Virginia.


Even in those six states – all reliably red, it should be noted – Trump is only above water by single digits.

As Matt Rogers noted on Twitter, the states where the president’s approval is underwater among Independents make up a whopping 495 electoral votes.

Trump can’t win with his base alone

Donald Trump didn’t eke out a 2016 Electoral College win with his base alone. Against Hillary Clinton, he actually won Independent voters by four percentage points.

With less than five months until Election Day, things are shaping up much differently than four years ago.

Not only is Trump’s approval among these voters underwater in almost every state, but former Vice President Joe Biden is winning Independents, according to recent polls.

Donald Trump thinks he can win a general election by riling up his die-hard supporters, but that won’t be nearly enough if he gets clobbered among Independent voters.

And if the Tulsa debacle is any indication, not even his so-called base is that fired up to turn out for him.

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