Rudy Giuliani Thinks Black Lives Matter Is Coming To Take Your House

Rudy Giuliani has accused the Black Lives Matter movement of wanting to destroy the government and steal your house. The former New York mayor railed against the current protests.

Giuliani told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham that those protesting for justice for George Floyd were carrying out a plot. This plan involves taking people’s property.

The Republican claimed “Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the communists, and their allies” were “executing a plan they wrote about four or five years ago.”

This, he said, was an “orchestrated effort” to “destroy our government.”

“They want to internationalize our government,” he said

“They want to do away with our system of courts, and they want to take your property away and give it to other people,” Giuliani explained.

“People who say they are favorable to Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter wants to come and take your house away from you.”

“They want to take your property away from you,” he said.

Giuliani added that the protests were no longer about George Floyd at all: “That ended a long time ago.”

Giuliani was acting as President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer this year. It seems he still holds that position.

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