Virtually No One Is Wearing A Mask At Trump’s Event In Arizona

Reporters on the scene at Trump’s event in Phoenix, Arizona, are reporting that the only people in attendance wearing a mask are the reporters who are covering the President.

The AP’s Jonathan Lemire tweeted:

Trump’s Make Corona Great Again tour is off to an infectious start.

The problem of people not following guidelines by social distancing and wearing masks has only served to worsen the spread of coronavirus in the state.

There is zero chance that Trump is ever going to do the right thing and wear a mask while promoting social distancing. It doesn’t matter to him that his behavior has caused a virus outbreak within his own presidential campaign. Trump wants to pretend like the coronavirus is gone. He is even considering ending the coronavirus emergency declaration.

Donald Trump and his supporters are spreading the virus through their refusal to follow basic instructions. Trump politicized public health and safety, and the result is an epidemic that is being fueled by the President and his death cult.