Trump Demands An Apology From Obama And Biden For Mike Flynn

Trump demanded that Barack Obama and Joe Biden apologize for the Mike Flynn case, even though Flynn confessed to a felony multiple times.

Trump tweeted:

As expected, Trump went straight down the rabbit hole of relitigating the Russia scandal and the 2016 election. Obama and Biden have nothing to apologize for. It was Barack Obama who warned Donald Trump not to hire Mike Flynn, but Trump ignored him and made a man who committed multiple felonies his national security advisor.

The nation is in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression and a pandemic, and Donald Trump is spending his time trying to make the Russia scandal go away.

Trump’s Tulsa rally showed that he is still stuck in four years ago. Trump is still ranting about Hillary Clinton and inspiring lock her up chants from his fans, even though Clinton is not on the ballot, and Trump is currently getting crushed by Joe Biden in his bid to win a second term.

The Mike Flynn decision is expected to be overturned when the full appeals court hears the case.

Obama and Biden owe Trump nothing but a sound beating at the polls in November.

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