Wisconsin Wipeout: Trump’s Numbers Plunge As Biden Opens 7 Point Lead

Trump has lost ten percent of his support with Republicans in Wisconsin, as Democrat Joe Biden now leads the President 49%-41%.

According to the new Marquette University Law School Poll:

The numbers are bad across the board for Trump. His handling of every issue but the economy is in negative territory. Trump is barely hanging on with the economy as his approval rating on that issue is 50%. The big red flag is his loss of support among Republicans. Trump only won in the Electoral College by 80,000 votes in three states. He needs every single Republican to vote for him again. If he slips at all with his own party, he could be doomed.

Out of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin is the state where Trump could pull out a victory. His status in Michigan looks dire, and his prospects in Pennsylvania are grim.

If the downhill slide continues for Trump past Labor Day, he will be increasingly doomed to defeat in November.

Biden is surging, and Trump is running out of time to turn it around.