Trump Runs Away When Asked If He’s Responsible For 123,000 US Virus Deaths

Trump ignored the question and kept on walking when a reporter asked him if he accepted any responsibility for the 123,000 US coronavirus deaths.


The standard Trump answer has been to deny all responsibility for any coronavirus deaths. Trump has tried to blame everyone from China to the nation’s governors to Barack Obama for the number of coronavirus deaths. Trump has never taken any responsibility for his intentionally neglectful handling of the pandemic. The situation in the United States is so bad that the EU is considering banning US travelers from entering.

There are many reasons why Trump is in a position to lose the presidential election, but one of the biggest is that he has abandoned the leadership and responsibility roles of the presidency.

When Trump is asked a difficult question, he runs away.

Trump has denied any responsibility for the pandemic that he worsened. The President can’t wish the coronavirus away, and now he is fleeing questions on the pandemic itself.

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