Joe Biden Is Now Beating Trump In Both Texas And Georgia

Fox News polls of Texas and Georgia show that both red states are swing states with Biden holding a respective one and two-point lead over Trump.

According to the Fox News poll of Texas, “Texas is a tossup, as Democrat Joe Biden tops President Donald Trump by a percentage point, 45-44 percent, in a new Fox News survey of Texas registered voters. Ten percent are up for grabs, and this small subgroup of voters is more likely to disapprove than approve of Trump’s job performance by 52-34 percent….There’s a 24-point gender gap on the head-to-head matchup, as men pick Trump by 12 points and women go for Biden by 12.”

In Georgia, the situation is similar for Trump, “Neither candidate receives majority support in the head-to-head presidential matchup, as Biden garners 47 percent to Trump’s 45 percent. Biden’s 2-point edge is within the poll’s margin of error and nearly one out of ten voters is up for grabs….The shift away from Trump is almost entirely attributable to softer support among men (Trump +4 points), college-educated white men (+13), and seniors ages 65+ (+19).”

If Biden won either of these states, it would mean that the election was a landslide for Democrats. Republicans in both states are experts in the dark art of voter suppression, but it is important to remember that Joe Biden doesn’t need to win Texas and Georgia to win the White House.

Trump has slipped by ten points in Texas and seven points in Georgia. If those states are competitive and Republicans are forced to spend money to keep them in Trump’s column, those are funds that won’t be spent in Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Trump is a weak candidate, and the fact that Biden could potentially swing dark red states blue is a sign of how close the wheels are to completely coming off of the Republican Party.

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