Poll: Biden Has Wide Lead Over Trump Among Black Registered Voters


According to the latest Washington Post-Ipsos poll, presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a wide lead over President Donald Trump among black registered voters: 92 percent to 5 percent.

“Despite the overwhelming support he enjoys, Biden faces clear challenges in mobilizing younger black adults,” the Post reports. “This is a group that strongly disapproves of Trump but is also notably less enthusiastic about voting at all and is generally more critical of Biden than are older black adults. While 87 percent of black seniors say Biden is sympathetic to the problems of black people in America, that drops to 66 percent among those under age 40.”

50 percent of black registered voters say it’s important for Biden to select a black woman as his running mate. 49 percent say it is not. Black women under age 40 placed more value on this issue than black women over age 40.

Nearly 3 in 4 of black registered voters say they are “absolutely certain to vote.” Among black adults under age 40, 61 percent say they are certain to vote.  59 percent say the election result matters “a great deal.”


“Last month’s killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis has highlighted anew issues of policing in black communities,” the Post observes. “The poll finds that, across all age groups, at least 9 in 10 black Americans say both racism and police treatment of black Americans will be important in their presidential vote. Roughly 7 in 10 of black adults say each of those issues is ‘one of the most important.'”