Rachel Maddow Puts Trump On Blast For Turning America Into A S-Hole Country

Rachel Maddow unloaded on Donald Trump on Thursday not only for ushering in an economic and rule-of-law collapse, but for completely waving the white flag of surrender on a deadly virus that continues to surge all across the United States.

The MSNBC host pointed out that every nation around the globe that took tough steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus suffered economic consequences. The difference is that the United States – unlike other countries – didn’t use that time to contain the disease.

That’s why more than half of the U.S. is seeing cases surge in recent weeks, even as countries in Europe appear to have a handle on the virus.

“Everybody took an economic hit, but look what they got for their time,” Maddow said. “They got their pandemics under control. We did not.”

Maddow said the series of crises unfolding in the United States – economic, rule-of-law, and health – are directly related to the fact that Donald Trump is simply not cut out for this job.

“This level of multivariate, simultaneous existentially threatening mass catastrophe — this is what we’ve got,” she said.


Maddow said:

I think that a lot of people, a lot of Americans thought that this presidency might be a bad one, that this leader we chose in the last election might not have the right stuff to lead the country well. I think that is not overstating the case. But this level of multivariate, simultaneous existentially threatening mass catastrophe — this is what we’ve got. We’ve got economic disaster. We’ve got rule-of-law disaster. We’ve got health disaster. None of which were abating. None of which are abating. They’re all getting worse with every passing day, and all of which are cresting simultaneously now down onto us. We have got to survive it, one, and we have got to fix it.

Step one in ending these crises is to vote Trump out

Over the past few months, as America endures one crisis after another, it’s become evident that Donald Trump simply isn’t equipped to rise to this moment.

He’s not fit to be president in the best of times, but he’s a clear and present danger to the country during a national emergency.

Ultimately, the public health and economic collapse the U.S. currently faces cannot be solved until the leadership crisis is addressed by voters in November.

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