Trump Goes Full Racist And Accuses Black Lives Matter Of Treason

Trump is testing out his racist messages by accusing Black Lives Matter of committing treason against the United States.

Trump tweeted:

Forget Trump’s made-up quote from the leader of Black Lives Matter. The President Of The United States is trying to use the peaceful protests demanding that systemic racism and police brutality be addressed to fan the flames of a race war that he hopes will carry him to reelection.

Trump has replaced his dog whistle with a racist bullhorn.

Donald Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden have flopped as badly as his Tulsa rally, so he has moved on to a strategy that is even viler. Trump is trying to divide the country along racial lines, but he is fighting a losing battle.

The coalition supporting Black Lives Matter includes white people along with African-Americans. Trump is on the wrong side of this issue, be he thinks that he can get enough white voters to win.

White voter share is declining in battleground states.

Trump has adopted the exact wrong strategy to win in November.

By adopting full racism as his campaign platform, Trump is leading himself and his party to a potentially crushing November defeat.

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