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Pence Refuses To Tell Americans To Wear A Mask During Virus Briefing

Vice President Mike Pence ran through the CDC guidelines during the virus briefing and intentionally omitted wearing a mask.

Pence said, “And in the 16 states that are being impacted particularly those that we’ll focus on here today we would just encourage every American to follow the guidelines for all the phases, continue to practice good hygiene, wash your hands, avoid touching your face, disinfect frequently. People who feel sick should stay home, and when it comes to businesses social distancing, protective equipment, temperature checks, testing and isolation. These are the guidelines for all of the phases, and they are good practices to implement if you’re in a community that’s affected or even if you are not because we’re all in this together.”


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An HHS official told NBC’s Katy Tur that they had no clue why Pence left out wearing a mask:

The answer is that Donald Trump doesn’t want Americans wearing masks because he thinks that it is a political statement against him. Trump and Pence are trying to make the virus disappear, so they do not want any physical symbol of the reality that the virus is surging.

The briefing that has come from Trump administration officials like Pence has been nothing but propaganda and political spin.

The coronavirus is surging in parts of the country because as Mike Pence showed today, the Trump administration is continuing to place politics ahead of public health.

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