Rep. Ted Lieu Obliterates Mike Pence’s Big Virus Lie

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) caught and shredded Mike Pence’s big lie about virus testing leading to more coronavirus cases.

Vice President Pence tried to blame testing for the surging number of coronavirus cases:

The first thing we would share with the American people is that while there is a penchant in the national debate to use a broad brush and to paint an entire state one color if there are rising cases in a portion of the state, this is actually a better picture of the data that we literally picture we literally analyze the data every single day. Dr. Birx will take a few moments to unpack the specific outbreaks in Texas, California and Arizona. The first thing we would compare to the American people from these positive results in the last few days you can see the concentration of new cases in specific parts of states and, of course, very specifically in parts of countries.

Secondly, we want the American people to understand it’s almost inarguable that more testing is generating more cases. To one extent or another, the volume of new cases coming in is a reflection of a great success in expanding testing across the country.

Rep. Lieu tweeted in response to Pence:

Rep. Lieu was correct. Testing can’t be blamed for the increasing number of coronavirus cases. The number of cases is increasing because more people are getting sick. Testing only finds infected people. Testing doesn’t cause coronavirus infections.

Pence’s comments during the briefing were based on a big lie that virus isn’t really spreading. The increasing number of cases is due to testing, not increased infections.

Rep. Lieu saw through what Pence was trying to do and set the record straight for a nation that was being fed misleading information and propaganda by Mike Pence.

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