Trump Is Rapidly Declining As He Can’t Say The Word Plague At WH Event

Trump showed increasing signs of decline as he tried to say the word plague at a White House event, but it came out pledge.

Trump said:

Before the pledge and this is a very big factor, we have a problem that has about twenty-two different names, but I’ll just call it the plague. Before the plague struck, we have the lowest African-American unemployment, Hispanic American, and Asian American unemployment ever. We have the most jobs we ever had.”

And on and on he went citing outdated and meaningless statistics that have no reflection on the current situation that the country finds itself in, thanks to this president.


Trump wants to make the argument that Joe Biden mentally infirm and unfit for the presidency, but Trump can’t walk down a ramp, drink water, read off of a page, or use the correct words. It is laughable that the Trump campaign thinks that they can argue that Biden isn’t up to the job of being president when Trump has shown himself to be physically and mentally unfit for his entire term.

There is one candidate who is in rapid decline and unable to perform the functions of the office, and his name is Donald Trump.

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