Trump Claims Sean Hannity’s Ratings Are Proof That He’s Beating Joe Biden


Donald Trump threw another poll-related tantrum on Saturday morning, claiming that data showing him far behind Joe Biden in the presidential election is inaccurate.

Trump said that Fox News ratings from his Tulsa rally and recent Sean Hannity interview are a better indicator of how the American people will vote in November.

“Oklahoma speech had the highest Saturday television ratings in @FoxNews history,” the insecure president bragged. “@seanhannity dominated T.V. with my interview on Thursday night, more than @CNN & MSDNC COMBINED.”


He added, “These are the real polls, the Silent Majority, not FAKE POLLS!”

Trump is obsessing over polls as America collapses

First, it’s important to remember that the United States is in the middle of a public health crisis and an historic economic downturn, to say nothing of the stunning news that Russia – with Trump’s knowledge – has been paying Afghan militants to kill American troops.

And this – poll numbers that he doesn’t like – is what the president is talking about.

All of that goes without mentioning just how insane it is for the leader of the free world to suggest that right-wing cable news ratings are a more accurate barometer of public opinion than scientific polls.

Over the past three years under Donald Trump’s failed leadership, America has been in decline both at home and abroad. That has only accelerated in recent months with the White House bungling multiple crises at once.

Instead of whining about his sinking poll numbers, Trump should do his job while he still has one.

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