Trump lies about playing golf during embassy attack

Trump Is Golfing In Virginia After Pledging To Stay In D.C. This Weekend

Donald Trump said on Friday that he would stay in Washington, D.C. over the weekend to “make sure LAW & ORDER is enforced,” but he arrived at his Sterling, Virginia property on Saturday morning for the 271st round of golf he’s played during his presidency.

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Trump’s day at the links comes after he said that “arsonists, anarchists, looters, and agitators” are the reason he “wanted to stay in Washington, D.C.” this weekend.

Unless the protesters followed Trump to his property in Virginia, the president was telling another blatant lie.

Trump’s change of plans was about the weather, not law and order

The idea that maintaining “law and order” had anything to do with Trump’s decision to scrap a visit to his New Jersey golf club is laughable.

The more likely reason behind Trump’s schedule change was that he didn’t want the weather to get in the way of his golf game.

Donald Trump knows that his base loves the “law and order” talk, which is why he repeatedly plasters the slogan on Twitter.

But just like everything else this man says and does, it’s another cheap PR stunt with no substance.

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