Trump Was Given Russia Bounty Briefing, But He Didn’t Read It

The DNI refused to answer when asked if Trump was briefed on Russia placing a bounty on US troops in his written daily briefing.

The White House is trying to claim Trump wasn’t briefed, but they won’t say if it was included in his daily briefing:

The administration’s refusal to say whether or not the information was included in Trump’s written daily brief answers the question. Trump was briefed. He didn’t read it.

The White House’s idea that briefings only count if they are communicated to Trump orally, through crayon drawings, or whatever method that the President’s four-second attention span can tolerate is absurd.

A president is supposed to read the daily intelligence briefing. It is part of his/her job. Trump ignored the information, which is not the same as not being briefed. There are reports that Trump was briefing late March. The administration has taken no action against Russia.

US troops are at risk because Donald Trump refuses to read.

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