The Trump Campaign Is Freaking Out About Losing Ohio To Joe Biden


Donald Trump claimed on Monday that he is “getting VERY GOOD internal Polling Numbers” and that any survey showing him falling behind Joe Biden is “fake.”

But the states Trump is pouring money into suggest that his campaign is panicking about losing to Biden in states where the president should be the clear favorite.

According to Medium Buying, Ohio is of particular concern for the president as his campaign has pumped more than $18 million into future TV ad bookings in the state.


Since Trump won Ohio by eight points in 2016, many political prognosticators said the state is no longer in play for the Democrats, much less a competitive battleground.

But two recent polls from Fox News and Quinnipiac show Biden narrowly beating Trump in the Buckeye State. According to RealClearPolitics, the race is deadlocked between the two candidates.

In other words, not only is Ohio a swing state again, but Trump appears to be falling behind there. He may not admit it, but his campaign expenditures say it all.

Trump is falling apart all over the map

In addition to Ohio, Trump plans to pour campaign resources into Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania from now through the election. Like the Buckeye State, these are all states Trump won four years ago.

The difference between Ohio and the others is that Trump is even further behind in Arizona (Biden +4), Florida (Biden +6.8), Wisconsin (Biden +6.2), North Carolina (Biden +2.4), and Pennsylvania (Biden +6).

The Electoral College saved Donald Trump in 2016 when he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. With four months until Election Day 2020, he’s on the defensive all over the map.

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