Trump Blames China For His 6-Month Failure To Contain The Coronavirus In America

Donald Trump expressed anger over the growing spread of the coronavirus nearly six months after America’s first reported case, apparently overlooking the fact that the U.S. is almost alone in its continued failure to contain the deadly virus.

In a tweet, Trump said he is “angry” about “the tremendous damage [the virus] has done to the USA,” blaming China and speaking as though he’s an outsider looking in.

Trump used the same rhetoric he has throughout this crisis, always trying to blame someone or something else for the fact that America leads the world in coronavirus cases and deaths.

But as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in response to the president’s tweet, China didn’t force Trump to turn masks into a political issue or urge states to open too quickly or cause America’s coronavirus testing shortage.

The virus may have originated in China, but the way Donald Trump has bungled it has costs tens of thousands of Americans their lives and jobs.

Trump has completely given up 

Since day one of this public health emergency, Donald Trump has either refused to accept that the coronavirus was a real threat, or he has simply denied any responsibility for his administration’s utter failure to contain it.

Now, as the virus surges in places that took his advice to reopen quickly, the president appears to have completely checked out of his job. Instead of developing a national strategy to contain the virus as it spikes (again), Trump is on social media blaming and complaining.

All of this is part of a new strategy by the president’s campaign to pretend that somebody else is in charge of the country right now, and that the American people must elect Trump to fix it.

The only problem is that Trump has already been elected. He’s no longer just a reality TV show host spewing nonsense on Twitter – he’s president.

He may not think the buck stops with him, but the American people know it does.

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