Trump Never Read February Briefing On Russian US Troops Bounty


The White House has admitted that Trump never read a February written briefing on the Russian bounties that were placed on US troops.

The New York Times reported that Trump was briefed on the bounties in February, “The intercepts bolstered the findings gleaned from the interrogations, helping reduce an earlier disagreement among intelligence analysts and agencies over the reliability of the detainees. The disclosures further undercut White House officials’ claim that the intelligence was too uncertain to brief President Trump. In fact, the information was provided to him in his daily written brief in late February, two officials have said.”

The White House admitted that Trump never read the original briefing:


The latest revelations of Trump’s total neglect of his presidential duties led to the White House to defend him by proclaiming that Trump is the most informed person on Earth.

The information was given to Trump, but he didn’t bother to read it, because he is too busy tweeting, watching Fox News, and playing golf to be bothered with protecting the lives of US troops in Afghanistan from Taliban fighters who have been incentivized to kill Americans with Russian bounties.

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