Trump’s New Strategy Is To Pretend That He’s Not President

The Trump campaign’s brain trust had decided to ignore the fact that Trump is president and run the campaign like he is the challenger.

Via: The Wall Street Journal:

President Trump’s case for re-election reprises his pitch for a first term in office, as he and his team try to portray presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden as an incumbent while accentuating his own outsider credentials.


Overall, Mr. Trump’s advisers and key supporters want to avoid an election where the central question is a referendum on the Republican president, whose job approval rating in Wall Street Journal/NBC News polling has ranged between 38% and 47% during his time in office. Instead, the goal is to preserve the Washington outsider status that helped him win in 2016, according to Trump advisers.


Jason Miller, a Trump campaign adviser, said the campaign plans to paint Mr. Biden as “part of every job-killing, failed policy decision of the past 40 years.” The campaign wants voters to see the race as a choice between “President Trump’s record of success in less than four years versus Joe Biden’s record of failure over more than 40 years.”

Trump’s campaign desperately needs a reboot, so what they have come up with is that they are going to pretend like Trump isn’t really the president, and we should all forget that he has trashed the economy and unleashed a pandemic that has killed nearly 130,000 Americans.

Presidential reelection campaigns are always centered the question of whether the incumbent deserves four more years.

Having seen the Trump campaign ads, I can say that they are terrible, and they made me laugh out loud because they mention nothing about the pandemic or the economy. The campaign has essentially swapped out Hillary Clinton’s name for Joe Biden.

The ads are a reflection of a campaign and a president that is completely out of touch with where the country is at this moment.

Donald Trump’s new strategy of pretending like he is president is destined to fail and could create a self-fulfilling prophecy that will put Joe Biden in the White House.

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