Poll: Most Americans Don’t Believe Trump is the Right Person for the Job

According to a USA Today-Suffolk University poll, most Americans don’t believe President Donald Trump is the right person for the job, saying he doesn’t have “the right experience to be president.”

37 percent of Americans believe Trump has the right experience to be president compared to 67 percent who said the same of his Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden. 61 percent say Trump doesn’t have the right experience. Independents in particular said by a wide margin that Trump lacks the right experience (68 percent to 27 percent).

“The poll could be simply a function of people who don’t like Trump not believing he’s up to the task and responding accordingly,” The Washington Post reported. “But it’s still notable that so few of his detractors see him as having the right experience to be president, even as he has so much experience as president.”

“And if you dig further into the numbers, you’ll see that even many who support Trump say he doesn’t have the right experience to be president,” the outlet continues. “In a two-way matchup with Biden, Trump garners 41 percent to Biden’s 53 percent — the latest poll to show him with a double-digit deficit nationally. Among those who say they back Trump, though, only about 4 out of 5 (83 percent) say he has the right experience to be president, while 12 percent say he doesn’t. (Four percent are undecided.)”

As for Biden’s supporters, an overwhelming 96 percent say he has the right experience to be president. 71 percent of independents said the same compared to 22 percent who said he doesn’t. 31 percent of Trump’s supporters acknowledged Biden has the right experience.