Trump Melts Down After Biden Holds Flawless Press Conference

Trump responded to Joe Biden holding a press conference where he looked like a future president with a Twitter meltdown.

Trump responded to Biden sounding like this:

With a claim that Biden’s press conference was rigged:

Trump and his campaign have convinced themselves that the imaginary Joe Biden that they have dreamed up in their heads is real. The Joe Biden that held a press conference on Monday looked like a formidable opponent who is in control of the presidential election.

The Trump campaign keeps hoping that Biden commit gaffes or give them ammo that will allow them to shift the focus away from Trump and to the presumptive Democratic nominee, but that is not happening. Joe Biden gave a speech and took questions in a flawless manner. There were no gaffes or unclear language.

Biden isn’t giving Trump the opening that he needs, and in the process is making sure that this election is all about Donald Trump.

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