Trump Falls Apart And Claims The Coronavirus Is Going To Disappear

Trump said that everything is going to go well with the coronavirus because it is just going to sort of disappear.

Trump said during an interview on Fox Business, “Retail sales are at record numbers, especially when you look at percentage increase, nobody’s ever seen anything like it, so we’re headed back in a very strong fashion, and I think we’re going to very good with the coronavirus. I think that at some point that’s just going to sort of disappear. I hope.”


Donald Trump’s plan to handle the coronavirus is to hope that it disappears. In other words, this White House has no plan. Joe Biden has released a detailed plan and even gave a speech about how he would lead the country, and beat the coronavirus.

Trump’s plan is to do nothing and hope the virus magically disappears before election day.

Doing nothing isn’t a plan. It is a death sentence for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

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