Arizona Republican Voters Are Trashing Trump’s Pandemic Response

As virus cases surge in Arizona, Republican Voters Against Trump is out with a new ad with the state’s voters trashing Trump.

In the ad, an Arizona Republican named Patricia says, “He’s letting over 100,000 people die due to his incompetence.”

The spot loaded with Republicans talking about how Trump has ruined the economy and made people sick with his handling of the pandemic.

Arizona Republicans say that they have had enough and they are pledging to vote for Joe Biden in November.

Watch the ad:

The Arizona ad is brutal for Trump, and it illustrates how much the political landscape has changed during his presidency. Trump isn’t just running against Joe Biden. He is running against a united group of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who have come together under the common banner of getting this president out of office.

Trump’s presidency has been a disaster that has literally helped the virus kill hundreds of thousands of Americans with no end in sight.

Arizona is a state that was already on the Democratic radar in 2020, and the Biden momentum has only continued to grow since the pandemic. It is debatable whether Arizona or Florida is the nation’s biggest virus hotspot, but voters are being reminded of who is to blame for their misery.