Herman Cain got coronavirus after not wearing a mask at Trump's rally

Herman Cain Didn’t Wear A Mask At Trump’s Rally, And Now He Has Coronavirus

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain has tested positive for Coronavirus after he didn’t wear a mask at Trump’s Tulsa rally.

Here is the statement announcing Cain’s positive test:

Here is a picture that Cain tweeted of himself not wearing a mask at Trump’s Tulsa rally:

Herman Cain is 74 years old. In the middle of a pandemic, he should not have been attending a large indoor gathering. He should not have been without a mask.

It is impossible to know if Cain got the virus from Trump’s rally because anyone who would engage in such reckless behavior could have picked up the virus in a variety of places, but the fact is that Herman Cain thought that he could attend a large indoor political rally without a mask, and now he is sick.

The virus doesn’t care about political parties or elections. It will attack anyone who is not following the guidelines.

Herman Cain is proof of what happens when anyone listens to Donald Trump instead of medical experts.

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