Trump Begs For Good Job Numbers To Save Him From Defeat


Trump tried to spin job numbers that done before the virus surge as a victory, as he begged for good numbers to save him from defeat.

Trump said:

If these best practices are implemented, then the hot spots can be calmed quickly and we understand this horrible disease right now. We didn’t understand the disease at all. We did the right thing. We closed it up. We would have lost millions of lives. We’ve done an historic thing. We would have lost millions of lives.

And now we’re opening it up, and it’s opening up far faster than anybody thought possible and more successfully. And as I said, you’re going to have a fantastic third quarter. It will be a third quarter, the likes of which nobody has ever seen before in my opinion. And the good thing is the numbers will be coming out just prior to the election.



Trump’s comments were more magic thinking that something is going to save him from crushing defeat. On Wednesday, Trump claimed that the coronavirus would disappear on its own. On Thursday, he is hoping and virtually begging for good numbers that will save him from a crushing defeat to Joe Biden.

The jobs numbers that Trump bragged about are jobs added. They are from people going back to work who were laid off due to the pandemic. Also, this jobs report was conducted before the record surge in coronavirus, so it is not an accurate reflection of the situation today.

Even Donald Trump knows that it is going to take a miracle to keep him in the White House.