Peter Navarro Celebrates 4th Of July By Spreading Racist Virus Conspiracy On MSNBC


Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro went on MSNBC and told Ali Velshi that China deliberately created the coronavirus and intentionally spread it to the US.

Navarro said, “What we have, is Americans angry about being locked down, anxious about their economic future and fearful of getting the virus and we’re a house divided now with Democrats blaming Republicans, Republicans blaming Democrats, I want everybody right here today, as the day before America’s Independence day, to understand where this virus started the Chinese communist party making us stay locked in our homes, they spawn the virus, they hid the virus, they sent hundreds of thousands of Chinese nationalists over here to spread the virus before we knew and –”

Ali Velshi asked, “What are you talking about?”


Navarro continued, “The dateline is November, they spawned the virus, probably came out of the biological lab, for two months they hid the virus from world and the possibility of a pandemic behind the shield of the world health organization, while they did that, they vacuumed up the world’s protective equipment –”

Velshi asked again, “So you’re saying this is deliberate, the Chinese deliberate did this?”

Nabarro kept going, “Here’s the point, while they were preventing any domestic travel from Wuhan to Beijing, locking down their transportation, they sent Chinese on aircraft to go around the world –”


The Trump administration is celebrating the 4th of July by not social distancing, not wearing masks, and trying to use the patriotic spirit of the holiday to push a widely debunked conspiracy theory that the coronavirus is a deliberate Chinese plot.

Just when it didn’t look possible for this White House to sink any lower, Peter Navarro dropped down ten more levels.