6,000 Vets To Denounce Trump Over The 4th Of July Weekend


Grassroots groups will be running a full-page ad in Pennsylvania featuring 6,000 vets agreeing with Gen. Mattis and denouncing Trump.

According to a statement from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee provided to PoliticusUSA:

This Fourth of July weekend, grassroots groups will run a full-page ad featuring 6,000 veterans who agree with former Trump Defense Secretary James Mattis that we must “hold accountable” President Donald Trump for making “a mockery of our Constitution.”


The ad, run by veterans organization Common Defense and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, will run first in the Harrisburg Patriot-News in Pennsylvania — the state where American democracy was born and the first Constitutional Convention was held.

“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people,” said Mattis, a 4-star Marine general who Trump appointed to lead America’s military. “We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership…We must reject and hold accountable those in office who would make a mockery of our Constitution.”


“I voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but he is using the uniform we served in against our fellow citizens, and it isn’t right. It’s unpatriotic,” said David Michael Weissman, an Army veteran from Florida who co-signed Mattis’s statement and is quoted in the ad.

Here is the full ad:

The ad is going to reach a ton of Republican voters in central PA, which is the heart of Trump’s support in the state.

Trump is facing a coalition of Democrats, progressives, liberals, Independents, and Republicans that has not existed in modern American politics. Obama had the left and middle united behind him, but he didn’t have as much moderate Republican support as Biden does.

The ad is devastating, and it, along with the efforts of others, is hitting Trump across the political spectrum with a message of rejection that could lead to his defeat in November.

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