Biden Campaign Says Trump Doesn’t Give A Damn About America

The Biden presidential campaign reacted to Trump’s Mount Rushmore speech by saying that Trump doesn’t give a damn about America.

Here is the statement from the Biden campaign’s Andrew Bates:

Trump barely mentioned the pandemic in his Mount Rushmore speech. The President practiced racism but didn’t bother addressing the racism in the country, and he had absolutely nothing to say about the suffering going on throughout the nation.

Trump spent more time talking about statutes and trying to make the Confederacy the central issue of the campaign than he did talking to the American people about their issues and concerns.

The Biden campaign nailed it. Donald Trump doesn’t see any of the problems in the country, because he doesn’t care. Trump used his Mount Rushmore speech as a vehicle to divide the country and appeal to his base.

Trump had nothing to say about any of the biggest issues facing the country. Trump has no plans. He has no vision for the future because Donald Trump doesn’t care.

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