Joe Biden makes Trump look like a loser on the 4th of July

Joe Biden Makes Trump Look Like A Loser On The 4th Of July

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:04 pm

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In contrast to Trump, Joe Biden’s 4th of July message mentioned slavery, systemic racism, George Floyd, and offered a message of hope.

Video of Biden:

Here is the text of Joe Biden’s statement:

At Mount Rushmore, Trump used a holiday that is supposed to be about patriotic unity to try divide America along old racial fault lines. As Trump spends his presidency in some weird parallel universe where defending Confederate statues is the biggest issue in the nation, Joe Biden is seeing America’s problems, looking us in the eye, and assuring the country that this is our moment to make things better.

Biden’s 4th of July message made Trump look small, and like a loser.

The Trump campaign is so worried about humiliation that they are going to cancel his convention in Jacksonville, yet they couldn’t stop Trump from humiliating himself in South Dakota.

Joe Biden is capable of being something that Trump will never be a compassionate and competent president.

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