Opinion: There is no reason to celebrate a broken nation’s birthday

America under Trump is a badly failing nation in every conceivable measure. That being the tragically sad case, there is no reason whatsoever to celebrate America in its current failing state; anyone doing so is either a Russian spy, a religious malcontent, or a Trump supporter.

It is an abomination that a once-great nation like America is now the laughingstock of the entire world – especially after the monumental efforts of President Barack Obama to once again establish America as the leader of the free world. It is beyond refute that except for those un-Americans cited above, there are very, very few Americans who believe this pathetic nation is anything to be proud of or to celebrate.

There is little reason to cite any of the reasons America is failing because journalists, whose job it is to inform the populace on an hourly basis, are heroically keeping pace with the horrible events signaling that. at best, America is a banana republic with a malignant narcissist and blatant racist in the White House.

Of course, Trump has not decimated America unilaterally – Republicans bear as much of the blame for the state of the nation as Trump. Without ardent Republican support, Trump would have been sent packing within a few months of his very poorly-attended inauguration.

It is likely true that few Americans comprehend why the Founding Fathers declared America’s independence from Great Britain; something they would know if they ever read the document for themselves. It is glaringly apparent that Donald Trump is unaware of the contents of the Declaration of Independence, because if he could read the document he would see quickly that he is the personification of mad King George III that the colonists revolted against.

A quick perusal of the Declaration of Independence will inform any American that Trump, and his Republican facilitators, wholly oppose the reasons why the colonists revolted and declared their independence from England. If they read the document, they would see that the complaints lodged against King George III duly apply to dirty Donald Trump – and not only because he thinks he is a monarch, is mentally deficient, and above the law.

Those special words so eloquently written by Thomas Jefferson, “all men are created equal… with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are anathema to Trump. Many Americans knew Trump was a bigot before he entered the Oval Office, but since that fateful day he has displayed a religious antipathy towards any sense of “equality” or “unalienable rights” for anyone save himself.

Trump has, like crazy mad King George IIIobstructed the administration of justice, by refusing his assent to laws.” He has also “made judges dependent on his will alone,” as well as “sent swarms of officers to harass our people.” Since the righteous Black Lives Matter protests, Trump has “kept among us, in times of peace, standing armies, without the consent of our legislatures.”

Since his first days in the White House Trump “cut off our trade with all parts of the world.” And although he is thus far prevented by law, he has gleefully entertained “depriving us of the benefits of trial by jury.” Remember, Trump did, in fact, threaten

to declare what amounts to martial law (Insurrection Act) including using the military to round up dissenters without due process because they exercise their unalienable, and Constitutional, right to peaceably protest tyranny and “harassment from swarms of officers.”

It is true that America’s economy is in the tank, and racism is rampant in local law enforcement, and well over a hundred thousand innocent American lives have been lost due to Trump and his Republican facilitators. It is also true that a substantial number of Americans are happy with the state of the nation -including knowing that the rest of the world is both appalled and laughing at this once proud nation. However, the primary reason to grieve over the state of the country is that the cretin in the White House has no fealty to America, its founding document (Constitution), or the people he is supposed to serve. Instead, Trump serves a hostile foreign nation for its assistance in putting him in a place he does not belong. If that were not the case, he would have acted on multiple verified reports that Russia put a bounty on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

This Independence Day is, beyond dispute, going to be a muted celebration due to Trump’s refusal to address the global pandemic he claimed was fabricated to make him look bad. It is likely that most Americans celebrate the holiday for the social aspects with no comprehension that America was once a great nation because the Founding Fathers created a founding document that all but guaranteed a dirty creep like Trump would never reach a position of power.

On this Independence Day, one hopes Americans reflect on why the nation is failing, and why Republicans, religious maggots, and filthy racists continue to support a man with no loyalty to America, its Constitution, the rule of law, or the people he was elected to serve.

Trump, with valuable assistance from Republicans in Congress and the states, has devastated this country for a generation, at least, and it will not be shocking if he is re-elected to finish destroying a once-great nation that, on balance, grew to be a country that most Americans can be proud of.

Most likely many Americans are still proud of this country and expect it to reclaim its place in the world in spite of dirty Donald Trump. America may recover, but for now there is absolutely nothing to be proud of, or celebrate.

There is one overriding point that cannot be ignored: Although Trump and his Republican facilitators are responsible for the sad state of the nation, they were sent to decimate the nation by Americans with no knowledge of why they are supposed to be proud to be Americans. This year, when America is 244 years old, there is literally nothing whatsoever to be proud of.

Happy Independence Day!

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