Trump Compares The Left To Nazis At White House 4th Of July


Trump used his speech at the White House’s 4th of July celebration to compare the left and peaceful protesters to Nazis.

Trump said:



Trump compared the left and peaceful protesters to Nazis. It is important to remember that the people who are being defined by Trump as agitators and looters are African-Americans and others who are protesting police brutality and systemic racism.

Trump is mining the depths of America’s worst racial divisions for votes. There is no other way to look at his speech. His remarks at the White House are a continuation of the culture war theme that he unleashed at Mount Rushmore on Friday night.

Donald Trump is pandering to an angry “silent majority” of white voters that doesn’t exist. The fascists aren’t the peaceful protesters. The ones with fascist leanings are a president who allows the enemies of America to place bounties on the heads of our troops, while he denounces free speech and equality along with his Republican enablers.

Trump is pushing himself into irrelevance with each one of these racist diatribes.

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