Opinion: A Crazy Trump Betraying America Is Less Heartbreaking Than The Likely Truth


During this past week, there was yet another debate over Trump’s sanity, which to be honest, is beside the point.

Crazy or not, Trump is a danger to Americans, to our troops and to the democratic political system.  But a crazy Trump is preferable to the very real possibility that the president and commander-in-chief betrayed our troops to Vladimir Putin.

Having a crazy Trump is less painful than having a Trump who deliberately withheld PPE from our healthcare professionals.  It doesn’t hurt as much as knowing that our president is dividing us by race, religion, gender, by state and by political preference.

Having a crazy Trump would mean no ache of knowing Trump is aware that his rule is reminiscent of old Europe – a Europe where nations and tribes fought until finally they figured out that trading with each other was better than having turf wars.


Without question, the results remain the same no matter the motive.  Our country, the one-time leader in science and medical advancements, now languishes behind every democratic country, and we’re falling behind the emerging democracies too.  The European Union won’t let us in its borders because of Trump’s destructive approach to the corona virus.

He’s still saying, “just believe” and one day the virus will just go away.  But it’s not because he’s senile.  He knows what he’s doing.  If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have tried to have a monopoly on a vaccine, or have absolute control over the world’s supply of  remdesivir , a drug used to treat Covid-19.

This sadistic, narcissistic man is getting a rush over the idea of getting even more obscenely wealthy by having a control over the world supply and with it the power to decide who lives and dies.

We saw what happened with rushes on PPE, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, or on a more serious note, insulin. This is way worse.

Imagine Trump with control over the only medicine known to effectively treat Covid-19.  It makes even the worst things he’s done within America look like a picnic.

I’m hoping the science gods are helping the world’s smartest and brightest people find additional drugs, and that they are not dumb enough to sell the rights or the supply to this evil man.

If Trump was senile, then maybe someone could just wheel him in front of the television for most of the day while saner minds run the country.  Only one problem with that. Trump was diabolical enough to surround himself with people whose minds are as twisted and evil as his.  They have turned every department and agency into a weapon against the people they are supposed to help and the policies they are supposed to implement.

Just look at what passes for immigration policy now.  Designed by Stephen Miller, a man who acts more like Goebbels than he looks. The cruelty oozes out of every pore in his body.

Then there’s Betsy DeVos who is more concerned about the rights of rapists than of the forever-traumatized girls.

 Bill Barr is busily firing prosecutors involved in cases against Trump and his friends.

Independent Inspectors-General were replaced by lapdogs, which defeats the purpose of having Inspectors-General.

It would be so much easier to believe that Trump is encouraging white supremacists to assault and kill African-Americans because he’s crazy instead sane and calcultatingly upholding the systemic racism that every white person in America continues to benefit from.

It would be a lot easier on our collective consciences if only this man was out of his mind and would be harmless as long as he isn’t anywhere near the nukes.

He definitely has toxic levels of narcissism, and maybe a qualified psychiatrist would diagnose him as someone who is mentally ill.

But being narcissistic means a person puts themselves and their interests above everything else.  In other words, if Trump betrayed every one of us because of his narcissism, he would still be aware of what he is doing.

When he learned that Vladimir Putin was paying a bounty to the Taliban to kill our troops in Afghanistan, Donald Trump’s narcissism may have influenced him, but he knew what he was doing.

When Donald Trump sent PPE to Russia while our healthcare professionals were making their own and reusing it to the point that it really served no useful purpose; he knew exactly what he was doing.

When Donald Trump encouraged his most devoted supporters to gather in close quarters, he knew it would spread the corona virus, but he did it anyway.

This man is not crazy.  He’s just plain evil.