Protesters Calls Trump A Failure and A Traitor As He Flees To Golf Course


Donald Trump showed up at his golf course in Virginia where he was met by protesters holding signs calling him a huge failure.

Via The White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

‪The motorcade has arrived at Trump National Golf Club, in Sterling, Virginia, around 10:11 am ET. As we drove up, your pooler saw a handful of protesters holding signs including one calling President Trump a “HUGE FAILURE” and another calling on him to “RESIGN.” Nearby, a woman walking her dog gave a prolonged thumbs-up to the motorcade.

Your pooler has not seen the president yet this morning. We are holding at a nearby restaurant.‬


Trump can’t escape. Whereever he goes, there are protesters there to meet and remind him that he is a failure as president. Protesters also held signs accusing Trump of treason and of betraying his country.

After a weekend of botched inflammatory speeches loaded with racist and culture war rhetoric, several patriotic Americans aren’t going to let Trump escape to the golf course on the taxpayers’ dime without reminding him that he is a traitor and a failure.

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