Republicans Reportedly Have “No Idea” about Trump’s Agenda for a Second Term

Republicans on Capitol Hill don’t know what Donald Trump will do with a second term. Reports over the Fourth of July weekend claimed the GOP has “no idea” what the President’s agenda could be.

Trump twice failed to explain what his second term agenda will be in recent interviews with friendly news outlets – a fact that has reportedly worried senior Republicans.

One veteran GOP stalwart, Senator Chuck Grassley, said he knew about Trump’s second term plans “Only on the Supreme Court.”

“That’s the only discussion we’ve had,” he told The Hill newspaper.

“The President, he’s going to put out a new list, including some of the people that are already on the list, for the Supreme Court.”

“I assume we’re going to be dealing with a U.K.-U.S. free trade agreement, Kenya-U.S. free trade agreement,” Grassley said.  He added that he hoped Trump would speak more about his goals.

Other senior Republicans were equally unclear. Senator Lindsey Graham, a staunch Trump ally, explained the advice he’d given the President after Trump bungled the second term question on Fox News.

“Your agenda is to finish the job you started in your first term,” Graham said.

“Close the deal on fixing a broken immigration system, building a wall, and going to merit-based immigration. More judges. Keep the military strong. Energy independence, not just for this generation but every generation.”

“When that question is asked, I would like the President to be able to go back to what he’s done in his first term, say, ‘I’m going to finish the job and the new priority will be the debt,'” Graham offered.

However, President Trump’s argument for reelection has so far focused on Culture War issues and throwing red meat to his apparently dwindling base.

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