Trump Blames Joe Biden For Violent Crime That Took Place Over 4th Of July Weekend

Donald Trump is now blaming former Vice President Joe Biden for doing “nothing” to stop violent crime over the Fourth of July weekend – even though Biden isn’t president.

“Joe Biden Does Nothing As Violent Crime in Democrat-Run Cities Soars,” the Trump War Room tweeted on Monday, conveniently forgetting that Trump is currently the man in charge.


The tweet linked to a post on Trump’s campaign website that read, “Americans got a taste this weekend of what Joe Biden meant when he promised to ‘transform the nation.’ In the face of left-wing rioters, anti-American mobs, and tragic deaths in Democrat-run cities, Biden did nothing.”


What the president seems to forget – perhaps because he wishes it wasn’t true – is that he, not Biden, currently occupies the most powerful office in the world. If anyone is in a position to calm national tensions, it’s him.

Instead, Trump used the holiday weekend to further divide the country at a time when unity is more important than ever.


Trump is trying to convince voters that he isn’t president

With the country falling into chaos over the past several months, Donald Trump has walked away from his job. He is incapable of meeting this moment, so he’s just given up.


His new reelection strategy is to convince voters that he isn’t president and that someone else is to blame for the sad state of affairs unfolding under his watch.

The problem with that strategy is pretty simple: Donald Trump is the president of the United States. He’s no longer a so-called outsider that can just troll his way to the presidency.

In March, when Trump said, “I don’t take responsibility at all,” he wasn’t just referring to the coronavirus outbreak. He was talking about any crisis or problem that crosses his desk.

Donald Trump is both bad at being president and disinterested in even attempting to be better. He simply likes being able to troll his critics from behind the presidential seal.

It turns out having someone like that in the Oval Office is a disastrous idea, especially during a time of crisis.

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