Trump Calls Racism Strength As He Defends Washington Redskins Name


Trump claimed that racist team names like the Cleveland Indians and Washington Redskins are a sign of strength as Trump took his racism up a notch.

Trump tweeted:


Trump and Putin work so well together because they share the common goal of dividing and weakening America. The White House Press Secretary fell apart when she was confronted with Trump’s racism. Trump is losing the election to Joe Biden. He has nothing else to run on. The economy is in tatters. The coronavirus is raging through the nation, and with no positive accomplishments or ideas for the future to point to, Trump is going back to the racism that has always served him well.

Donald Trump isn’t playing to white grievances. The President has moved way beyond a culture war.

Trump’s comments and tweets are unvarnished racism. It is not hidden, disguised, or even a wink, and any media outlets that don’t call it exactly what it is, are doing a disservice to the country.

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