Trump Has Been Repeatedly Calling Tucker Carlson And Asking Him To Help Save His Campaign

As Donald Trump’s reelection campaign finds itself in increasingly dire trouble, the president has reportedly been turning to Fox News host Tucker Carlson for messaging advice.

According to Washington Post reporter Robert Costa, while Trump previously turned to Lou Dobbs for advice, Carlson seems to be his new Fox News flavor of the month.

“In recent months … he’s also turning repeatedly to Tucker Carlson,” Costa said. “Mr. Carlson has sky-high ratings and he sees Carlson as one of these voices on the right who can help guide his own message.”


Costa reported:

I’ve done a lot of reporting on President Trump and how he watches television in his residence in the dining room off of the Oval Office. And for years he has always turned to Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network as a guide to his own populist nationalist message on immigration and other issues. But in recent months, it’s clear based on my conversations with the president’s associates that he’s turning to Dobbs to be sure. But he’s also turning repeatedly to Tucker Carlson. Mr. Carlson has sky-high ratings and he sees Carlson as one of these voices on the right who can help guide his own message. People within the White House follow Carlson closely. And you see Carlson even being talked about by some Republican donors as a possible 2024 presidential contender.

Trump is essentially reading Tucker Carlson’s transcripts during speeches

It doesn’t take a political expert to notice that Donald Trump has been turning to Tucker Carlson in recent weeks as his campaign falls further behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

In some of his latest speeches, including the disaster at Mount Rushmore, Trump sounds as if he’s reading directly from transcripts of Carlson’s show.

As Axios reported over the weekend, “If you want to understand the rhetorical roots of Trump’s Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore, go back and watch Tucker Carlson’s monologues for the past six weeks.”

This seems to indicate that Trump is going to spend the next four months  of the campaign doubling down on racist rhetoric in hopes that he can pull off a repeat of 2016.

If the polling is any indication, Donald Trump – and his de facto campaign manager Tucker Carlson – are in for a rude awakening.

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