Trump To Kick International Students Out Of The Country If Their Classes Meet Online


The Trump administration, through ICE, issued a new policy that international college students will have to leave the country if their classes meet online.

Here is the statement from ICE:


A hybrid system of in-person and online classes is being used by many colleges and universities this fall, and that may or may not keep international students in the country:

The move from the White House is a clear effort to extort institutions of higher education into holding in-person classes no matter the public health risk to individuals and communities.

The Trump administration has consistently sought to create an immigration brain drain in the United States. Their policies intentionally remove immigrants from the country who could be an asset to the nation.

Trump is using the pandemic as cover to virtually destroy legal immigration to the United States. The current policy for the fall semester is beyond short-sighted and stupid.

Not only has this president unleashed a pandemic, but he is trying to remake the country in his own intellectually deficient image.

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