Carl Bernstein: Trump Is Willing to See the Country “Go Up in Flames” to Win Reelection

Veteran journalist Carl Bernstein has warned that Donald Trump will do anything to be reelected – even if that involves seeing the United States “go up in flames.”

Bernstein spoke to British TV show Good Morning Britain about the President’s reelection on Tuesday. He explained that there is currently a “cold civil war” going on in the U.S.

“His misstatements of facts and lies are well known and actually define both him and his presidency,” Bernstein said.

“But what we are dealing with here is a President of the United States who… is regarded by those who served closest with him in national security areas as unfit to be President of the United States.”

“Donald Trump has commanded the allegiance of perhaps 40% of our electorate through his presidency, despite all the outrages, despite the acts of demonstrable incompetence, despite the fact that he is a racist in terms of both his words and his acts,” he went on.

“This is an extraordinary situation.”

Bernstein, who along with his Bob Woodward broke the infamous Watergate story, warned that Trump was now ready to ignite the “cold civil war.”

“He has now been willing to bring that cold civil war to the point of ignition in terms of his provocation,” Bernstein said.

Trump will do this “in such a way to gain re-election that he is willing to see this country, to some extent, go up in flames on the streets if he thinks that it would help his re-election.”

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