Trump Wants To Start Displaying Statues At His Rallies

The Trump campaign is considering carrying statues around and displaying them at the President’s reelection campaign rallies.

ABC News reported:

A potential new addition to President Trump’s future rallies: statues.

The idea has been discussed by White House and Trump campaign aides, but no final decision has been made, sources familiar with the planning told ABC News. It’s also not clear who exactly the statues would resemble, but sources say one idea was for “America’s Founding Fathers.”

Trump is obsessed with statues. The peaceful protesters around the country aren’t demanding that statues of the Founding Fathers be taken. They specifically want racist statues linked to the confederacy removed.

Donald Trump has nothing else to run on. He can’t run on the economy that he destroyed or the pandemic that he unleashed due to incompetence and neglect, so he is running on a deranged culture war like it is fifty or one hundred years ago, and there are masses of white voters that he can activate in November.

Ideas like displaying statues at rallies are gimmicks. The Trump campaign is looking for a new gimmick that will keep him in the White House.

At a time when America needs governing and vision, the Trump campaign wants to display statues that will probably look like Stonehenge in This Is Spinal Tap, instead of giving voters a reason to send Trump back to the White House for four more years.

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