Trump’s Daughter-in-Law Recorded Robocall Encouraging Mail-In Voting

Lara Trump recorded a robocall this year encouraging people to use mail-in ballots. The President’s daughter-in-law said voting by mail was safe and secure.

Trump recorded the call in support of Republican Mike Garcia, who was running a special election earlier in 2020. He was eventually elected to replace Democrat Katie Hill, who had resigned.

“Nancy Pelosi and liberal Democrats are counting on you to sit on the sidelines this election, but you can prove them wrong,” she said in an April recording

“You can safely and securely vote for Mike Garcia by returning your mail-in ballot by May 12.”

Trump, who is married to the President’s son Eric, urged voters to cast their ballots for Garcia by mail.

“He’s counting on you to return your ballot by Election Day, Tuesday, May 12,” she said.

“Don’t let him down. Remember your mail-in ballot is arriving soon. Make your vote count for Mike Garcia and get it in the mail by Tuesday, May 12.”

President Donald Trump has railed against mail-in voting, despite doing so himself. He’s claimed the process will be open to mass voter fraud and foreign interference.

“Mail-In Ballots will lead to massive electoral fraud and a rigged 2020 Election,” Trump tweeted as recently as 3 July.

Lara Trump isn’t the only person in the President’s family who’s recorded a robocall in favor of vote-by-mail – Donald Trump Jr. has done likewise.

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