Trump Claims Democrats Are The Source Of Hate In America

Trump is trying to spin his negativity and racism as Democrats being the real source of darkness and hate in the United States.

Trump said via The Washington Post:

“It takes guts to say what I say,” he said on Wednesday. “I mean, I understand, I could do it a lot easier, but it would be the wrong thing to do. I could say I’m against everything — ‘I’m against everything, I’m totally in favor of all of the hate.’ — The real hate is not the hate from me. The real hate is the hate from the other side on many of the things that we talk about.”

“Maybe I’m a voice in the wilderness,” he said, “but most people agree with me. And many won’t say it, and they might not even say it in a poll, but I think they’ll say it in an election.”

The quote above is a classic Trump projection. Trump is running a campaign based on hate, racism, and division, so he accuses Democrats of being the source of hate in America.

Donald Trump has never had a single of his political life with his national approval rating at over 50%. The reason for his consistently bad and historic poll numbers is his insistence on playing to his base and doing everything possible to divide the country.

America has heard this tune before from Trump. He played the same song during the 2016 election, but this time he doesn’t have Hillary Clinton and the decades of paranoia about her to demonize.

Trump is howling a tired mantra into the wind that the vast majority of the nation will reject in November.

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