Trump Melts Down Live After SCOTUS Rules He Must Turn Over His Tax Returns

Trump is having a live meltdown on Twitter after the Supreme Court ruled that he must turn over his tax returns to the Manhattan DA.

Trump tweeted:

There was no spying on Trump by Obama. This claim was investigated by Inspector General Michael Horowitz who found no evidence to support Trump and Republican claims that his campaign was spied on by Obama.

Trump is trying to change the subject and project his crimes onto Obama and Biden because he is terrified now that he will have to turn over his tax returns and other documents to the district attorney who is investigating him for falsifying business documents.

Donald Trump is slowing grasping the reality that he may not only lose the presidential election but that after his defeat, he will be facing criminal charges in New York.

Trump’s Twitter account is documenting the real-time mental unraveling of a president.

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