Ann Coulter Supports Amy McGrath And Calls For Mitch McConnell’s Defeat

Things are getting really weird as conservative Ann Coulter tweeted praise for Democrat Amy McGrath, and called for Mitch McConnell’s defeat.

Coulter tweeted:

Either Ann Coulter’s Twitter account has been hacked, or something really bizarre is happening. It is easy to see why any true conservative would be drawn to the moderate veteran McGrath, and also why any real populist conservative would be repulsed by Mitch McConnell.

Outside of Donald Trump, no Republican is the embodiment of being owned by the big money elite than Mitch McConnell. The Senate Majority is why the Senate is broken and has stopped responding to the will of the majority.

One should never read too much into a single tweet, but Coulter has been growing more disgruntled with the Trumpian Republican Party for years, but this is still strange, and for one moment, many on the left may actually agree with Ann Coulter about something.

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