Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Disapprove of Trump’s Coronavirus Response

President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is unpopular with the majority of Americans, according to the latest ABC/Ipsos poll. The poll found that 67 percent of respondents disapprove of the way the president has handled the pandemic. 33 percent said otherwise: That’s an eight percent drop from the last time the poll was conducted on June 17-18. Support among Republicans also dipped from 90 percent to 78 percent.

The poll was released the same week as the new NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking Poll, which shows Americans have more confidence in their respective state governors than they do in Trump on matters related to the novel coronavirus.

7 out of 10 Americans say they trust their governors over the president to decide when to reopen businesses. 25 percent say they trust the president over their own governors. Among Republics, slightly more than half––53 percent––say they trust the president more than their state leadership.

Sixty-three percent of Americans said they feared that businesses were opening ‘too quickly,’ while just a third said businesses were reopening ‘too slowly,’” NBC reports.  “But the split nearly flips when the question is asked of Republicans. Just 37 percent of Republicans believed businesses were opening too quickly, while 61 percent said reopenings were too slow.”