Tammy Duckworth Slams Tucker Carlson: He “Doesn’t Know What Patriotism Is”

Tammy Duckworth has dragged Fox News host Tucker Carlson following his repeated attacks on her and his claim that she doesn’t love the United States, despite losing both legs in Iraq.

The Democratic senator wrote an op-ed in The New York Times on Thursday entitled  “Tucker Carlson Doesn’t Know What Patriotism Is.”

Duckworth said Carlson was only taking aim at her to distract “America’s attention to be on anything other than Donald Trump’s failure to lead our nation.”

“Their goal isn’t to make — or keep — America great. It’s to keep Mr. Trump in power, whatever the cost,” Duckworth wrote.

“It’s better for Mr. Trump to have you focused on whether an Asian-American woman is sufficiently American than to have you mourning the 130,000 Americans killed by a virus he claimed would disappear in February.”

“It’s better for his campaign to distract Americans with whether a combat veteran is sufficiently patriotic than for people to recall that this failed commander in chief has still apparently done nothing about reports of Russia putting bounties on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan.”

Carlson claimed Duckworth didn’t love the country because she suggested the nation needed to have a “dialogue” about statues of Confederates and other slaveholders.

“Setting aside the fact that the right wing’s right to lie about me is one of the rights I fought to defend, let me be clear: I don’t want George Washington’s statue to be pulled down any more than I want the Purple Heart that he established to be ripped off my chest,” Duckworth wrote.

“I never said that I did.”

“But while I would risk my own safety to protect a statue of his from harm, I’ll fight to my last breath to defend every American’s freedom to have his or her own opinion about Washington’s flawed history.”

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