Trump: Coronavirus Testing Is “The Greatest Thing That Ever Happened” for Democrats

Donald Trump claimed on Thursday that Covid-19 testing is benefiting his political opponents. The President has repeatedly made false claims about testing.

Trump spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity in a wide ranging phone interview where he once again seemed to complain about testing and finding Coronavirus cases.

He told Hannity that testing for the virus was “the greatest thing that ever happened for the opposite party.”

The President reiterated the false claim that testing is the reason for the large number of Coronavirus cases. In fact, the rate of positive cases has steadily increased.

Trump said Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has been essential in the nation’s response to the pandemic, is a “a nice man” but that he made “made a lot of mistakes.”

Fauci was briefly sidelined by the Trump administration after contradicting the President on TV. Some of Trump’s supporters have spread vile conspiracy theories about Fauci.

The President once again downplayed the severity of the virus, which has now cost more than 130,000 American lives.

Trump said “in most – most cases – in almost – I mean, literally, in most cases, they automatically cure.”

“They automatically get better,” he said.

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