15 Trump Voters To Tell Republicans To Switch To Biden Before Trump New Hampshire Rally

A new ad will air on Fox News before Trump’s New Hampshire rally featuring 15 Trump voters changing their minds and supporting Biden.

Paul, who voted for Trump in 2016, said, “Donald Trump didn’t sound like any politician I’d ever heard before. I thought that I’d be a Republican all my life, but Donald J. Trump has broken my faith in the Republican Party.’

Other former Trump voters cited Trump’s constant lies, his lack of conservativism, mishandling of the coronavirus, and his treatment of those who disagree with him.

Watch the new ad from Republican Voters Against Trump:

“It takes courage to change your mind and speak out,” said Sarah Longwell, Strategic Director of Republican Voters Against Trump. “Research shows that in order to win over swing voters who went with Trump last time, the most effective messenger to give them permission to change their mind is someone who is like them, former Trump voters.”

The ad will air in Arizona and North Carolina during Fox News Sunday, and it will also air before Trump’s Saturday rally in New Hampshire.

One of the big differences between 2016 and 2020 is the effective way that Trump is being counterprogrammed against. Not only has Trump’s reach gotten smaller, don’t be surprised if Fox News ends up being the only cable news network covering his rally, but Trump’s opponents are not giving him unopposed airtime for his rallies.

The latest polling revealed that Trump is getting less support from Republicans than Biden is from Democrats. Trump only won the presidency by 80,000 votes in three states, and the efforts of groups like Republican Voters Against Trump could result in hundreds of thousands of Trump voters switching to Joe Biden.

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